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HR Physio and Wellness Centre

Affordable physiotherapy, wellness and beauty treatments in Manchester

At HR Physio and Wellness, we aim to offer a full range of treatments designed to support the body and mind. Find a treatment package that's right for you, and get in touch to book, or to arrange an initial consultation.

Our Prices At A Glance

The dedicated experts at HR Physio and Wellness always aim to be open and transparent when it comes to our pricing structure. Take a look at our prices below for guidance: your individual fees may vary depending on what combination of treatments you require, following our initial consultation.

DIverse Friends


  • Initial assessment (45 min): £85

  • Follow-up session (30-40 min): £70

  • Return to work assessment: £100

  • Block of 6 sessions: £380 (Saving £40)

  • Block of 10 sessions: £630 (Saving £70)

Medical Endermologie®

Price will depend on the length of the sessions.

It usually lasts around 30 minutes.

Wellness Endermologie®

  • 30 minutes relaxation treatment: £60
    30 minutes Fluid mobilisation Treatment: £70

  • 50 minutes endermopuncture treatment: £120

  • 30 minutes toning treatment £70

  • 1 hour revitalising treatment £120

Beauty Endermologie®

Targeted ID treatments (1 to 8 targeted areas). 

Women: Face, Arms, back, waist, stomach, saddlebags, buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, knees, calves.

Men: Face, arms, back, chest, waist, stomach, thighs.


  • 15 minutes (1 area): £45

  • 30 minutes: £70

  • 40 minutes: £90


30-minute sessions are priced at £60.
Block bookings of 10 sessions (30 min) are £500, saving clients £100.

Huber 360

Can be focused on the upper body, lower body, your core, or general cardio

Relax and revitalise

We know that stress affects the body by creating muscle tensions and building up toxins, making you feel constantly tired. This puts you at risk of getting sick by lowering you immune system. We have decided to launch this membership that will offer you relief on a muscular side and on a deeper level of the body.

1 muscle relaxation session (30 min) 

1 immune boosting lymphatic drainage (30min) 


At the cost of £110 per month saving you £240 per year.

The all-year 'summer body'


We can help you achieve your ideal body, and maintain it throughout the year. You can also combine face and body or if you prefer you could simply choose the areas that you would like to target.

24 sessions (free assessment + 4 free sessions)
-15 minutes: £900 (saving £240)
-30 minutes: £1400 (saving 340)
-40 minutes: £1800 (saving £420)

Face & body lymphatic drainage

Experience our exclusive Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Membership. Unwind as our skilled therapists gently stimulate lymphatic circulation, promoting detoxification and leaving you looking and feeling refreshed. Enjoy regular sessions and priority booking, all designed to enhance your well-being and radiance. Elevate your self-care routine and unlock the transformative benefits of lymphatic drainage today.

​£110 per month 

Intensive Spa Therapy 2-6 Day Retreats

- 90 minutes Intensive Detoxifying Therapy: £180

- 90 minutes Intensive Mommy Makeover Therapy: £180

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

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