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HR Physio and Wellness Centre

A full range of physiotherapy and wellness treatments

HR Physio and Wellness aims to become your first choice for health and wellness treatments. Visit our Manchester based centre, or contact our team to learn more about any of our treatments.

Bespoke Physiotherapy Treatments

At HR Physio and Wellness we are fully committed to offering clients a tailored, evidence-based treatment package. We use a range of techniques including stretches, massage, exercise and K-taping. Our goal is to support the healing process, prevent further injury, and support your independence.

These sessions are designed to assist patients with different conditions and disabilities for recovery by using techniques such as stretches, exercise, massages, and



The aim is to restore health, prevent injuries and promote independence as much as possible.


In the clinic, the physiotherapist will go through an assessment and will discuss the tailored treatment options with each individual patient. 


There are three key parts to our physiotherapy services:

Sports Injury

 Initial Assessment

The first session will include an initial assessment of the patient’s physical condition in order to determine the problem and the source of it if possible. This will be followed by setting goals and personalising the treatment based on the patient's interests and aims. Afterwards, a tailored exercise programme will be introduced by our trained physiotherapist.

The patient will have the opportunity to discuss with the instructor the exercise plan, including goals and expected results.

Injured man at the gym feeling pain in his ankle

Follow-Up Assessment

Our team will regularly review your plan, to ensure the treatments are having a positive impact. Treatment plans can be altered based on progress or changes in goals.

Office Work Desk

 Return To Work Assessment

Where applicable, our team will conduct a full return to work assessment, to support your return to the working environment.

The absence of an employee can leave a huge gap in the company. It can reduce the general performance of the company as it could lead to a reduction of productivity as well as impact the workflow of other colleagues. At the clinic, we offer a return to work assessment which would assess your ability of getting back to work.

Our Technology

Medical Bags


Meditrac is an ambulatory decompression device which offers a back and neck pain treatment protocol.


By combining exercise and rehabilitation these devices offer faster recovery for spinal injuries than traditional traction methods and will benefit those suffering from lower back pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, sciatica and sports injuries. Patients typically use the device, while walking on a treadmill or between parallel bars, which increases their recovery rate in a faster time-span.

Medical Procedure.png

Medical Endermologie®

Using the new exclusive Alliance patent, this treatment is designed to promote a healthy blood flow, and stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. These compounds naturally occur in the body, and help to create healthier, more youthful-feeling skin.

1)  Restore Fluid Flow

2)  Accelerate Vascularisation

3)  Stimulate Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production

4) Stimulate Natural Lipolysis

Man on a machine.jpg

Huber 360

Equipped with force sensors under the motorised platform and on the handles, HUBER 360 EVOLUTION offers a comprehensive and fun physical rehabilitation program by breaking down the patient’s workout into 4 movement fundamentals.

Movement Fundamentals


Targeted exercises help patients quickly increase their range of motion. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION mobilises joints safely and soothes pain fast.


On-screen feedback helps patients improve their strength and better coordinate movements. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION develops superficial as well as core muscles.


Balance games help patients regain their balance and become more confident on their feet. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION corrects posture and improves stability.


Dynamic exercises adapted to patients’ physical condition to increase their endurance. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION modifies BMI and improves the cardiovascular system.

Woman on A Machine.jpg
Yellow Machine.jpg


HEALTH: Rapid and independent patient rehabilitation


SPORTS: Discipline-specific training programs


FITNESS: Short, high-intensity sessions (10 min)


This medical device integrates a functional assessment with 7 reference tests (stability, single foot balance, walking, stability limits, mobility restriction, strength and coordination) and proposes a complete and personalised report in PDF.


With HUBER 360 ® EVOLUTION, therapists can treat more than 90% of conventional disorders. Using it offers significant benefits when treating ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back problems.

Fresh Produce

Want to start nourishing your body, rebuild your metabolism and start thriving in your life?

We have partnered up with our Registered Nutritionist Nur who can help with general nutrition, diet and wellbeing in 1:1 nutrition counselling in our clinic with a bespoke action plan covering nutrition and lifestyle.


She can also arrange a free 20-min discovery call to see how she can help you and start your journey to optimal health and wellbeing today.

Combining the weight loss program with LPG endermologie treatment helps reactivates the cellular activity of the body in a natural way. 

If weight-loss is your main concern, you can combine this massage with a healthy weight-loss program to tone your skin while you lose weight with a combination of healthy diet and exercise. If you want to upgrade your package you can also ad 10-mıns HIIT program, that would help you burn calories as well as improve your cardiovascular system.




These 4 week programmes are an ideal way to make significant improvements to your lifestyle and to see results reflected in your health and wellbeing. 3 or 6 month package are also available if you think they are more appropriate. Please arrange a free 20-mins discovery call for more details.




60-minutes initial consultations

45-minute follow up sessions

15 and 30-minute catch-up sessions

A comprehensive family and medical history

3-day food diary assessment

Tailored/bespoke dietary advice provided and action plan agreed with client

4 new meal plan with recipes for each week

Daily email and messaging support

Personalised supplement advice

Our Registered Nutritionist Nur especially designed recipes and meal plans

Lifestyle and exercise recommendations

Written summary and resources provided to client




- Assessment of the type of skin.

- 6 slimming sessions of targeted areas such as the tummy, front of things, inner thighs and back thighs. We could discuss during the assessment other potential  areas to target. These sessions are conducted on the basis of 2 to 3 sessions per

week. After the 6 sessions you can choose to add more. You could discuss this with us and we will be happy to provide with all the details.


- 6 sessions of 10 minutes HIIT programme. These sessions are conducted on the HUBER platform which is equipped of sensors. They are short and are of high intensity allowing therefore to burn more calories in a shorter time.



Nutrition consultation package with LPG: £475

Nutrition consultation package with LPG with HUBER upgrade: £550



An initial introductory nutrition session including:

30-min initial consultation

Tailored/bespoke dietary advice provided and action plan agreed with client.

Personalised supplement advice

Our Registered Nutritionist Nur especially designed recipes and meal plans

Daily email and messaging support during clinic hours


This session would be combined with lymphatic drainage. A lymphatic drain is a

gentle stimulation to the lymphatic system allowing toxins to drain, get rid of water

retention, as well as help with bloating.

Price of the introductory nutrition package: £80


Discuss Any Of Our Treatments With An Expert. Call Us On 0161 832 7923

You are also welcome to email using this form: we look forward to seeing you at our Manchester-based centre.

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